GSMPL is a major dolomite supplier in Central India. Our mines are located at Baradwar, Champa (Chhattisgarh). We are associated with leading steel plants all over the country and are their choice of suppliers for processed dolomite ores. Whilst ensuring the quality product and on-time delivery, we also focus on using the latest technology to give the best in minerals. Supplying our products is a job we undertake with full responsibility, and we thus also provide rake loading options for bulk orders. The nearest rake point is Baradwar, Chhattisgarh which is on the main railway line between Kolkata and Mumbai.


◉  Calcined Dolomite : The Calcined Dolomite is required by various industries like Steel, Sugar, Paper, Aluminium Refineries, Non-Ferrous Industries, Water treatment plants, Leather, textile and Paint Industries etc. We have set up Dolomite Kilns at our Crusher site at Baradwar.
◉  Ferro Alloy : Ferro alloy refers to various alloys of iron with a high proportion of one or more other elements. They are used in the production of steels and alloys. The alloys impart distinctive qualities to steel and cast iron or serve important functions during production and are therefore closely associated with the iron and steel industry.Our factory is located in Village Delari, P. O : Gerwani, District - Raigarh, Chhattisgarh and presently we are taking up manufacture of following alloys:

●  Ferro Vanadium : We are manufacturing finest grade of Ferro Vanadium and Vanadium chemicals to cater the demand of major Steel Industry. The Ferro Vanadium is an additive to steel manufacturing process. It is a soft and ductile in nature; this bright and white metal is also used as a catalyst for the production of sulphuric acid.Ferro Vanadium is a universal hardener, strengthener and anti-corrosive additive for steels like high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel, tool steels, as well as other ferrous-based products.
●  Vanadium Pentoxide : A metal rarely found in nature, Vanadium is used in making specialty steel alloys such as high speed tool steels. Vanadium Oxide or Vanadium Pentoxide is a yellow coloured anhydrous powder or a red-orange shade when in hydrous form. It is used in ultra-high capacity vanadium redox batteries used for storage at grid levels; as a catalyst in many industrial chemical reactions; making of laser crystals and in the manufacture of some alloys and ceramics. Our current production capacity for vanadium pentoxide is 400 metric tonnes.
●  Aluminium Ingots : A piece of pure metal cast into a shape for further processing is referred to as an Ingot. They require a second procedure of working, cutting to result in a product that can be used. Aluminium ingots are produced through the process of smelting and are used in the production of castings in the auto industry and electrical applicationsindustry. Energy distribution and transport cables, antacids and antiperspirants are products for which aluminium ingots are also used. We have a production capacity of around 100 MT for aluminium ingots.
●  Ferro Molly : Ferro Molybdenum is an alloy formed by combining iron and Molybdenum. It is a hardening agent and is found in many alloy steels that are heat-treatable. The alloy prevents corrosion in stainless steelsand also strengthens and hardens into austenite when mixed with iron. We have a production capacity of 200 MT per annum.
Ferro Molybdenum is an additive to the production process of amorphous metals and will impart several desirable properties into the new alloy. One of the benefits of adding Ferro Molybdenum to an alloy is its hardening properties that make steel extremely strong and weld able as well.
●  Ammonium Metavanadium :Ammonium Metavanadium is a white or slightly yellow coloured solid used in the purification of vanadium. Ammonium Metavanadium is used as a dryer for paints, in the dyeing and printing of textiles and is also widely used in photography. It is also used as a catalyst for organic synthesis, as the thermal decomposition of this substance gives Vanadium pentoxide, which is widely used as a catalyst for other vanadium compounds. Our proposed production capacity is 100 metric tonnes.

Hiring Services

Besides, Minerals and Alloys business, Gurushree is also providing industrial equipments on lease/hiring basis. Our company owns a large inventory of equipments like Excavators, Pay Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Tippers, Breaker, Water Tanker, Trailer, Tractors, DG and Vibrators which are available on hire basis. We render our best services to our valued customers by providing the equipments to their satisfaction. Therefore, our hiring services have been utilised by many other companies. A well-equipped workshop is available to keep up maintenance of all these equipments and vehicles.

Real Estate

Elite Associates, the real estate venture of the Gurushree Group is a name by itself, having laid strong foundations of beautiful pieces of architecture. In collaboration with various corporates and agencies, we have invested ourselves into the construction business with fruitful returns. We are into the construction of Residential Buildings (with full developmental work like culverts, Bridges &Roads) and Commercial Buildings. Our constructions projects are now home to individuals and companies.